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Christopher is an engineer and applied scientist who makes things go. 

Chris is an expert in practical electronics and mechanical design for scientific instrumentation as well as high-performance consumer electronics. He has extensive experience in imaging systems, primarily electron microscopy (EM), transmission and scanning EM (STEM and SEM), ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems, materials physics, and nanofabrication. He is interested in pursuing breakthrough technologies that catalyze other technologies, such as research tools and manufacturing platforms.

He is founder of Ack! Industries, a manufacturing and consulting firm that produces novel digital electronic bridge products for consumer electronics. Chris is also the founder of Voxa, an advanced electron optics manufacturing firm developing bleeding-edge systems in nanoscale imaging.

Chris has worked in the past with startups in the SF bay area to sequence the human genome for under $1000, and has guided teams toward successful technical outcomes. He was also at Nion Company in Seattle, WA, where he developed cutting-edge electromechanical subsystems and control software for the world's most advanced scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEMs). He is thrilled to be tackling difficult problems every day.


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For his graduate work, Chris developed the electron beam precession technique (PED) with Dr. Laurence Marks. This novel diffraction method significantly improves the quality of diffraction data obtained from conventional transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), allowing precise solution of unknown atomic structures from small volumes rapidly and inexpensively. This work provided the basis for several commercial PED machines. Before this, Chris studied the adhesion of thin polymer films to animal tissue with Dr. Ken Shull and conducted materials research with the electron microscope.

He has authored over two dozen research papers, one book chapter, and multiple patents.

Chris enjoys family life with his wife, a middle-school science teacher, and his son and daughter. In his free time he enjoys road bicycle racing, hi-fi audio, playing the violin, Argentine Tango, and photography.  He also enjoys visiting his wife's classroom as a guest lecturer and science coach.



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